The John Kapeleris Journal is a blog about my thoughts on life, innovation and personal development. It covers a number of topics on personal development, continuous learning and the characteristics of successful people through my personal experiences and knowledge. It also provides insights on innovation and creativity two domain areas of interest.

I committed myself to a journey of lifelong learning and self-education when I discovered at an early age that this was one of the keys to success, and to achieving a fulfilling and abundant life. I work on the philosophy that “If you can help enough people get what they want, then you will get what you want”.

Following is a brief synopsis of my personal background:

Dr John Kapeleris started his career in medical diagnostics after completing his university degrees, specialising in exotic infectious diseases, such as dengue fever, leptospira, HHV6, EBV and Q fever. Although his career took off successfully something was missing. His childhood passion for creativity and using his imagination to visualise a life of success and happiness had been suppressed by the education system.

Through his rediscovery of creativity and innovative thinking, John was able to use ideas and his entrepreneurial mindset to develop 16 ‘new to the world’ medical diagnostic products that catapulted a small Brisbane-based medical diagnostics company from a loss to $20 million in revenue. The company was recognised for a number of achievements and awards including, Australian Small Business of the Year, Australian Quality Award, Exporter of the Year, and one of Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies for seven consecutive years.

John has lived his dream of a successful life by continuing to develop and learn using an open mind and thinking outside the box techniques. His current role as CEO and Commercialisation &Innovation Advisor at Innovative Business Concepts allows him to use his lateral thinking skills to assist clients to take their innovative ideas to market. He has assisted numerous individuals, small businesses, universities, government agencies and large corporates to implement successful strategies and innovations to grow their businesses. John works with a dynamic team of people who have a passion for commercialisation, innovation, and helping organisations achieve growth and success.

While working at the Australian Institute for Commercialisation Ltd. as Deputy CEO and General Manager he successfully developed and commercialised programs such as TechFast®, an online Commercialisation Management System, an Innovation Coaching Program and delivery of TechClinics™ and Innovation Clinics, contributing to over $14.8 million for the Company. John practices what he advocates by continuing to develop new products, services and programs for his clients. His recent engagements and projects have included commercialising and branding a new food fibre from crop waste, developing and negotiating deal parameters for a patented broad spectrum vaginitis gel, commercialisation of a patented pain relief liniment, and capital raising for a number of clients in the aged care, online, ICT, sports nutrition and aquaculture industries. 

As a highly regarded and sought-after speaker, John has delivered numerous presentations on creativity, innovation and business productivity nationally and internationally. In one of his international seminars in Malaysia he presented to over 200 participants. He also enjoys delivering education workshops and programs, including Applied Innovation & Ideation to 20 horticultural businesses, Growth through Innovation to 30 Queensland leaders and New Venture Management for the UQ Business School. One of his favourite books “Think and Grow Rich” and his interest in personal success influenced John to enrol in the Brian Tracy University where he completed the personal development course “Maximising Your Performance”. His interests include knowledge management, creativity and innovation and how these are leveraged to gain competitive advantage in the market. John is the co-author of the book titled “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology – An International Perspective”. He is currently completing his second book in the form of a personal development manual and workbook.

John is also working on a number of his own entrepreneurial businesses applying what he has learnt, including, WeTradeHouses Pty Ltd, buying and selling properties in an innovative way, Praxis Corporation Pty Ltd, offering practical solutions for personal success, and a number of online businesses. John shares his ideas and thoughts on life, innovation and personal development through his blog www.johnkapeleris.com/blog.

I hope you can also come along with me on the journey to personal success and enlightenment.

Good luck, and I look forward to reading your comments and replies to the various blog posts.

Dr John Kapeleris

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3 Responses

  • Brett Henderson says:

    Hi John,

    Hope to see you back in North QLD in the near future. Having dinner on the Monday night in Cairns was certainly a highlight (inc. the culinary, personalities & discussions)


    Brett Henderson

  • Catherine Randle says:

    How can I cite this information?

    • John Kapeleris says:

      Hi Catherine,

      Thank you for your comment. You can cite the information using traditional referencing. For example, Author, Year, Article Title, Website Name, Website Location and the Date that you accessed the information. That is, Kapeleris, J.(2012), The Power of Knowledge, John Kapeleris Journal, Available at: link to johnkapeleris.com. Acessed on: 3rd October 2012.

      I hope this helps.




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