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February 21st, 2010 | Posted by John Kapeleris in Goals and Objectives | Personal Development | Success

Most people don’t have any idea on how to achieve success. Our education system does not cover the basic principles of success or personal development.  It assumes that these skills will be learned through on the job training. If you were fortunate enough to have had a mentor or have read books on success or enrolled in personal development courses then you would not have been exposed to the basic principles of success. While undertaking the “Maximize Your Performance” course through the Brian Tracy University I came across a very simple approach to maintaining self discipline and achieving success. Brian Tracy uses the acronym “GREAT” to describe five elements to achieving success:

  • Goal – orientation
  • Result – orientation
  • Excellence – orientation
  • Action – orientation
  • Time – orientation

Further details of each element are outlined below:

Goal orientation

  1. Decide what you want – Identify your major definite purpose (an organizing or major goal)
  2. Write it down
  3. Set a deadline – Setting a deadline programs your goal into your subconscious mind.
  4. Make a plan – Place a foundation under your goal
  5. Get Busy – Do something every day towards achieving your goals. Develop a sense of momentum. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is what they do, not what they say.

Result Orientation

  1. Identify key result areas – Outcomes you wish to accomplish
  2. Determine standards of performance, for example excellence, professional, customer oriented, high quality
  3. Focus on the highest value tasks
  4. 80/20 Rule – What are the 20% of things that I need to do that account for 80% of my results?
  • Make a list of all the things or activities you need to do and circle only the 2-3 things that are the most important
  • Discipline yourself to do the 2-3 things that are important

Excellence Orientation (be the best)

  1. Identify critical success factors
  • Generally 5-7 critical success factors for each job
  • For examples a sales role will require the following critical success factors: Prospecting, Presenting, Accessing referrals, Closing, Managing time, Building relationships

      2.   Core competencies – Special skills you bring to the market place

  • Top 10% – What is required of you to be in the top ten percent?
  • What one skill, if you developed it to an excellent level, would have the greatest single positive impact on your life?

Action Orientation (# 1 Quality of Success)

  1. Move fast on opportunities, problems and ideas
  2. Develop a sense of urgency (Do it now!)
  3. Fast tempo is absolutely essential to success
  4. Launch – Take action immediately
  • Willing to launch and take action to move forward without guarantees

      5.   Act as if it were impossible to fail.

Time Orientation

  1. Plan your work and work your plan
  • Spend time up front to plan (saves you significant time down the track)

      2.    Make a list

  • Working off a list saves 25% of time.

      3.    Set priorities on your list

  • Use the following guide plan:

         A – must do

         B – should do

         C – nice to do

         D – delegate

         E – eliminate  

      4.   Concentrate single-mindedly on your highest value task

      5.   Stay with it until it is 100% complete

Make it a great day, every day!

Dr John Kapeleris

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