The Winning Mindset – Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

July 29th, 2010 | Posted by John Kapeleris in Mind | Personal Development | Success

“Your attitude determines your altitude”. Zig Zigler

A winning mindset is all about having the right attitude. A positive attitude can be one of the greatest assets that you can nurture in yourself, which can then determine how far you go with your personal development and achieving the outcomes you desire in life.

Your attitude is reflected in your thoughts, your beliefs and your self-image.  Every person can choose to have a positive attitude no matter what their background or abilities. Your attitude can affect everything in your life. If you have a positive attitude then you tend to attract the good things in life, while a negative attitude attracts the bad things in life. That is, you generally get out of life what you directly focus on.

To avoid a negative attitude you need to stop blaming others or blaming previous setbacks in life, and take responsibility in your life to choose a positive attitude that will elevate you to the next level. Your attitude is one thing that you have complete control. It is up to you to determine whether you choose to uphold a positive or negative attitude in life.

Many athletes choose to adopt a winning mindset that drives their achievements and successes. For example, if you consider two soccer players who have the same exceptional fitness and the same high level of skills, the distinguishing attribute that will differentiate the better soccer player will be the one who possesses the positive attitude and winning  mindset. In other words, it is not only physical abilities but also mental abilities that can make a difference in sport, which also relates to your business and your personal life.

Following are some suggestions of how you can adopt a more positive attitude in life to activate and maintain a winning mindset:

  1. Take some time out of your life to think and reflect on your situation.
  2. Ask challenging questions of yourself and determine where you want to go in life.
  3. Recall situations when you were at the top of your game i.e. in the zone or flow
  4. Extinguish any negative thoughts and stop worrying about things that may never happen
  5. Think positive thoughts and build positive visions i.e. be optimistic
  6. Keep smiling and share your smile with others.

Mindset is really about the way you perceive reality and not the way things ‘really’ are. When used well it can be a powerful incentive to drive your personal development and success.

Dr John Kapeleris

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