Reprogramming Your Subconscious

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The subconscious mind is the repository of all your habits, both mental and physical. It contains the basic operating system of our brains and therefore can be updated and reprogrammed.

Your subconscious has no perception of past or future; it only perceives that everything is happening now. Therefore, by convincing the subconscious mind what we want it to perceive, we can change our beliefs, that is, our habits of thought and attitude.

Beliefs are essentially neural patterns in your brain that consist of thoughts that are ingrained in your mind. Beliefs are not necessarily “the truth” but are the perception of our reality. Therefore, our beliefs have the ability to influence our desires. Beliefs tend to be self-fulfilling, that is, if we were brought up as children believing what we were told then our subconscious will continue to believe this as being real. Many of us carry negative beliefs and emotions handed down to us by our parents, teachers and peers. For example, we may have been told that we are not good enough or that we will never amount to anything. Other examples of limiting beliefs include:

  • It will never work
  • I’m not good enough
  • There’s not enough time
  • That’s just the way it is
  • Everything bad happens to me
  • It’s too hard to lose weight
  • Why are you pursuing this type of business?

And my favourite:

  • It’s not fair

What limiting beliefs are holding you back from achieving your goals and objectives along your journey to success? You need to identify what they are as they may be contradicting your goals and objectives.

Successful people are able to overcome their limiting beliefs through reprogramming their subconscious. Reprogramming your subconscious starts with understanding how your reticular activating system (RAS) works. The RAS is like a filter system in your mind that sorts through the large quantity of incoming information and searches for specific data bits that match information patterns already established in your brain. An example of how your RAS works, is when you purchase a new vehicle, let’s say a Toyota, and for the next few weeks you notice every Toyota vehicle on the road, particularly the specific model you have purchased. Your subconscious has been temporarily programmed with the Toyota logo and without you consciously knowing, your RAS identifies vehicles with the Toyota symbol.

To reprogram your subconscious mind you need to implement the following five steps. Beliefs are not easy to change, therefore you need to start immediately and be disciplined.

  1. Create the vision of what you want to achieve. Ensure you have a clear, written vision.
  2. Articulate powerful affirmations to create beliefs that support your vision.
  3. Prepare a portfolio of material in the form of written statements, audio recordings and vision boards (a visual collage of images that portray your vision).
  4. Establish a daily routine (morning and evening) reviewing the portfolio of material to allow the content to be absorbed by your subconscious. Read the written statements aloud, listen to the audio recordings and review your vision boards on a daily basis. It is also a good habit to carry a goal card with written statements in your wallet/purse and review these daily.
  5. Use visualization techniques to create a mental pattern in your mind and imprint your new beliefs that supports your vision.

Remember, the subconscious mind cannot distinguish whether an event is externally real or internally imagined. Therefore, by reprogramming your subconscious and displacing limiting beliefs with positive beliefs that support your vision you can remove the barriers that have held you back.


Dr John Kapeleris

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3 Responses

  • Hi John,

    I’m running a project in higher education that seeks to engage students in a very different way. The idea is to incorporate activities that encourage students to consider the role of work in their lives – very much a life coaching approach. Your pages are fabulous, and I would love to share them with the network. Would you consider including the subconscious programming activity as a tool, with a link to your website at the end? Please let me know if you would – I’d be thrilled to include you! The project is at and the simple project tools are under the tab ‘tools and resources’. Dawn :)

    • John Kapeleris says:

      Hi Dawn,
      I would be delighted to have the subconscious programming activity included as a tool. I only ask that it is referenced and linked back to my website.

      Great to see that this is being done at university. The reason that I started the blog was that I was working with 19 to 26 year old young adults who were working and/or studying and were aspiring to be young entrepreneurs. While workshopping in Creative Thinking Skills with 40 of these young adults I noticed that basic life skills and mental attitudes was limited in a number of the participants. I then set about establishing the blog and directed a number of the young adults to read some of the articles that would hopefully stimulate some thought and action. As a result the blog has been very successful where now I have a broad spectrum of readers who are interested in personal development and innovation, and the ability to think differently, challenge the status quo and take control of their future destiny.


  • I do think this site contains several very good information for anyone: G.


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