Mindset of a Genius

December 8th, 2015 | Posted by John Kapeleris in Ideas

geniusThe modern-day genius is no longer defined as a person who is intelligent or smart, particularly now that we all live in the Information Age where knowledge and information is readily available at the touch of a few buttons or a conductive glass touch screen. Real genius is about coming up with an innovative idea or concept and successfully implementing the idea to create a new product, process or business model, or to solve complex problems in society.

We all have the ability to come up with something new and innovative. We don’t have to be Einstein, Edison or Da Vinci. Furthermore, the new idea or innovation does not have to be complex. Opportunities can be found everywhere. People, businesses and society still have needs and problems to be solved. In order to identify opportunities or come up with new ideas we have to develop the mindset of a genius.

The mindset of a genius has a number of characteristics, including:

  • an open mind that is curious
  • flexible and open to new possibilities
  • able to identify new opportunities
  • easily generates new ideas
  • views challenges and problems as opportunities
  • asks the right questions
  • uses a systematic approach to solve problems or develop new products and services

Modern geniuses can be ordinary people who are able to utilize their intelligence and specific knowledge in a superior way compared to the average person.

Dr John Kapeleris

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