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February 12th, 2014 | Posted by John Kapeleris in Personal Development

Doing the same thing_Albert EInsteinDoing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, is the paradigm in which most people live. They rely on hope and fate to achieve a better outcome in their lives. Having coached a number of business executives and entrepreneurs, I have found that the first step in achieving different outcomes in your personal and business life is to change your current thinking and behaviour.

Many people fall into habits that become part of their daily ritual and find it very difficult to implement change. Change is the key to transforming one’s life. People have to start doing different things that generate results in their personal and business lives. If every morning you are used to getting out of bed later than the optimal time and then struggle to have breakfast before going to work, then you need to change your behaviour. For example, you will need to use an alarm that wakes you up at the optimal time to ensure you perform your daily exercise program, have time to meditate and reflect before having a healthy breakfast and getting ready for work. To achieve this behavioural change, you must first make a mental commitment and then a physical commitment that you will have to maintain for at least 30 days before it becomes a new habit. Discipline and commitment, together with repetition will achieve your behavioural change.

Following are seven simple steps to achieve positive change to transform your life:

  1. Focus on positive thoughts and remove any negative thoughts from your mind
  2. Face your fears and challenges in life as a first step to releasing your negative blocks
  3. Find your direction and sense of purpose in life through positive beliefs
  4. Establish clear goals and objectives that will provide you with positive change
  5. Focus on one goal at a time eliminating any distractions
  6. Develop a plan of activities for each goal and take action
  7. Establish a daily discipline that you can maintain for 30 days

Good luck!

Dr John Kapeleris

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